Custom build is self-build made easy

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According to an IPSI-Mori survey, 53% of people dream of building their own home, but only 0.025% actually do. Self-build is really hard.

Custom build makes it easier, quicker, and with less risk.

How does it work?

It’s a three step process


We find land & get planning
Timescale: 3-4 years

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  • We look at, appraise, and visit about 100 sites to buy one

  • We spend up to two years negotiating terms and prices with the owner and getting funders to back us

  • We spend up to £100k and 18 months to get planning


We build the outside
Timescale: 1.5-2 years

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  • We spend nine months detailing the design to go to tender

  • We spend 12-15 months negotiating with neighbours and statutory bodies on party wall awards and infrastructure protection

  • We spend 3-6 months finding the right contractor and up to 12 months for them to build the watertight shell


You create the inside
Timescale: 3-6 months

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  • You work with your designer to pick your layout and your specification

  • You find your builder to do the work

  • You move in!

Curious how a build goes from beginning to end? We’ve put together a video series of the construction progress on our Blenheim Grove site. Click below for more!


Sounds great, where can I buy?

OK, but I have more questions


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