Independent developer masterclass

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Our MD Gus Zogolovitch is teaching a series of masterclasses this summer, presented by Rare Space and Archiboo, and hosted at Wedlake Bell, about how to develop small sites. 

The masterclasses are two hours each, and consist of a presentation followed by a practical component where you can apply the skills and knowledge that you learned.

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How to do a development appraisal

An essential skill for a developer is to assess a development opportunity and establish the viability of a project. Learn what to look for and how to run the numbers, and get the chance to do a mock appraisal with a template that can be used for future projects.

Finding land

Learn how to find and pitch for small sites in this masterclass, including the types of land available, and how to identify appropriate land.

Finding finance

Gus will be talking about the types of purchases and types of finance possible when buying land, as well as how to build up your track record so you can get finance if you are a first time developer.

Doing the deal

Now that you have all the other components in place, you’re poised to do the deal. Hear about the lessons learned and get invaluable advice on how to actually buy the land.

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