Blenheim Grove: Launch of a custom build development


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Blenheim Grove

Blenheim Grove is a development of customisable houses in Peckham Rye, just 10 minutes from London Bridge.

Gus tells the story of how Blenheim Grove Developments started. It's a story 5 years in the making and basically the custom build project arose because local Peckham residents were looking for ways to live a sustainable life in London as a result of the lack of availability and the market rate of houses in the area.

Designed by local architects, Poulsom Middlehurst, and developed by Unboxed Homes, the homes are crafted with the Solidspace DNA inside, a distinctive split-level layout that allows each room to be spacious and naturally lit. With the double height voids, it removes the need for landings and hallways. The houses are set over 3 stories with a roof terrace, bike storage and affordable running costs.

If you'd like to see the homes currently available at Blenheim Grove, please visit our sister company's website - Rare Space, a niche estate agency for design lovers that specialises in selling new builds, modern houses and more.

Construction of Blenheim Grove

We will be documenting the construction of Blenheim Grove below - so stay tuned and check-in regularly.

October - Drainage

After the pilings are done, the last stage before the slab is poured is to make sure the drainage is in place. Lots of holes needed!


September - More Pilings

Having installed 117 piles, the boys have started the hard work of cutting to them down to the correct level for the slab to sit on top.  It’s noisy work, but they should be finished in a week or so.


August - Timber Frames!

On Wednesday, 22nd we visited the Cambridgeshire factory of our timber frame manufacturer, WhiteHaus.  On the left you can see the thermally insulated panels created in the factory ready for delivery to site and on the right, you can see an example of a building that the panels have been used to create.  The guys can build the frame on onsite for a building like this in less than a week - magic! 

This particular house is a type of holiday home that WhiteHaus supply to a luxury holiday provider in the UK – time for a mini break!


Ribbon Cutting at Blenheim

To mark the official launch of Blenheim Grove, Richard Bacon MP was our guest of honour at a traditional ribbon cutting ceremony on 25th July 2018.

Richard Bacon MP, Chairman of the all party group parliamentary group on self-build, custom and community housebuilding and place-making said:

Unboxed Homes are part of a revolution now taking place across the country that will give more people the chance to create their own homes according to their own design. This approach offers higher quality and better value for money, as well as being much better for the environment. Unboxed Homes’ new development is a great example of how the housing market is set to change for the better.”

Check out the video of the day!

JULY - Piling Begins!

Join Gus on site as he shows us around the progress on site as the pilling work gets underway. 

Things are really happening now at Blenheim Grove.  This was the piling contractor in action last week.  Don’t mess with these guys, one of them was in the Fijian national rugby team!


JUNE - Vibration Testing!

Over the past month, we have been monitoring vibration on the railway viaduct to help us determine a safe level of vibration whilst we are pilinig the foundations at Blenheim Grove.

Boffins quanitfy vibration in buildings as Peak Particle Velocity (PPV) and it is measured with a very expensive senson in millimetres per second (mm/s).

Interestingly(!) passenger trains were the source of pretty low level of vibration, but when a freight train crossed the viaduct the sensor measured a PPV of 8mm/s.


At least we know that our piling work will not make the railway collapse..

freight train peckham.jpg


MAY - Main Contractor moves in

Our main contractor MARA BUILD has found their new base during the construction. This is in a disused railway arch next to the site.  Below is a picture of the space before they start moving in and it even has a toilet!


APRIL -  Trial Pits

If you ever wanted to know what the foundations of a railway viaduct look like we have good news for you!  Last week our contractors had to expose the viaduct foundations to verify their depth and composition to ensure that our works would not damage the railway.

What did we learn?

That the Victorians used much shallower foundations for their railway viaducts than we are using for our 5 little houses!

MARCH - Clearing the site

The excavator begins digging and clearing the site.


MARCH - Starting on site

We've just started on site at Blenheim Grove - hooray!  


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