We believe that builders, architects and developers have a responsibility to create better homes; built to last, well designed, and environmentally sustainable.

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Our Vision

Unboxed Homes was set up because we want people on an average wage to be able to buy good quality well designed eco-friendly homes.



We believe in profit with purpose and the triple bottom line.

It’s not just about profit, it’s also about people and the planet.

We put customers at the heart of design, we build to a higher specification than the average home and we want our homes to be more environmentally friendly than the standard new build.


I’m interested,
tell me more

I love the concept,
what are you selling?

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Our People

Gus Zogolovitch

Managing Director

I am on a mission to bring great new build homes to everyone
I would try anything
I eat everything (except shellfish and peanuts)
I drink a small cold lager in a lovely glass in a plaza in Spain
I prefer Asia to South America
I do not flash the cash
I would bring fun and laughter to a social gathering
I go crazy over my children, especially when they're asleep

Martin McElreavey

Head of Operations

I am trying
I would try harder, but I'm busy right now
I eat when hungry
I drink to forget
I prefer not to say
I do not wear jeans with a sports jacket
I would bring laughter
I go crazy over ordnance survey triangulation points

Marianne Pearson

Head of Client & Customer Relations

I am always smiling
I would try as many extreme sports as I can
I eat too many carbs
I drink delicious cocktails
I prefer things to be just right
I do not know what "it" is but...
I would bring "it"
I go crazy over a good joke


What would you bring to the table?

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